Hey everyone! I greatly appreciate your interest in my blog and the time you have made to look into it. As with most other first introductions, it is a very awkward instance to meet someone new and dive right in- so, I will share some quick facts about me to start things off.

> I was born in El Paso, Texas. Raised in New Mexico.
> I love sports. Basketball is my favorite- I played Varisty in high school, love to watch it (NBA, WNBA, & NCAA), and coach it as well.
> Currently, I am a psychology major – minoring in forensics.
> I am the oldest of three- myself, little sister: Destinee, and our little brother: Dante. I love my family incredibly so.

Despite everything listed above, I would not be here had it not been for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. My life was not necessarily hard growing up- sure my family was very poor for most all of my childhood, but, outside of that, I had it great. I’m blessed to say I had both my parents alive and under one roof, and eventually, the financial issues dissipated with the wonderful opportunities my father gained from his military service. Even though life wasn’t tough, I still was never truly living… I never knew my worth and never knew how much I was truly loved. I was empty. I worked my butt off academically and athletically to make a name for myself and make my family proud- I felt if I wasn’t the best, I would never be good enough. I was COMPLETELY WRONG.

My whole heart behind this blog is to continually prove myself completely wrong. Jesus died a horrible death for you and for me, just so we could know the Father and have our relationship with Him restored and improved. The purpose behind this blog is for everything worth anything to be further embedded into my heart and into my thoughts, I’ve always had to write whatever it is down or even type it out – same way as now. Hopefully, it is of some value to you.

And so, here I am. I am now a “blogger” or rather a college kid attempting to make some sense of what I am doing.


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