Madness, The Human Condition, & The Infinite

We’re all a little mad sometimes. I love that quote. Many people believe madness and brilliance are interdependent or even synonymous. This could be true. It certainly feels this way most times. But, is not man capable of creativity and anguish? Joy and agony? Are we not capable of being proud and disappointed? Capable of peace and war? Are we not complex in spite of our preferences for simplicity?

To think otherwise is sheer stupidity. It’s the definition of the human condition. We are a pained and broken people. It is beautiful. And, it is ugly. It is miraculous. And it is tragic. Madness as I’ve come to find just looks different for us all. Some of us have legitimate mental disorders that drive us to the point of irrationality as we desperately cling to rationality. Some of us drink until we forget the day and every day before it. Some of us pop pills for the blissful numbness that “heals.” Some of us work until absolutely exhausted to escape any other responsibility that isn’t money. Some of us end every good relationship we’ve had for fear of commitment. Some of us isolate ourselves completely. Some of us physically hurt ourselves. And the list goes on.

Truthfully: we all drown our sorrows in x, y, z. it’s ironic to think that we so easily stigmatize another person’s “crazy” because it is less acceptable than our own. Hypocrisy at its finest. Our state of nature is sad. We are feeble. Weak. Bitter. Selfish. And finite. Even in our victories and successes of life, we are STILL tossed to and fro by the changes of the wind and seasons. There is such a lack of consistency. All is meaningless. All is void. To find value in life, it never seems to be enough to look within ourselves. There is a curiosity and need for a transcendent view that goes beyond the self.

There is hope. More specifically, there is a hope. Despite our madness and helplessness and sickness, how amazing is it that there is this infinite God that makes the most broken of individuals and situations whole again? This infinite God permeates our atmosphere of suffering and impossibility. This God loves like he’s never been hurt before. He forgives us when forgiveness is not warranted. He extends mercies that are new every morning. he supplies a peace that surpasses all understanding. He takes our finite emptiness and overflows it with his infinite goodness. He takes broken vessels to be his mouthpieces to reach a generation and the one that follows. He empowers the weak. Believing in God moves us toward a love for this human condition of ours – for when we are beyond the self, we find that there is purpose for the pain; that everything may not be good, but, everything turns out for the good.

You just have to take a chance on the intangible. To go beyond textbooks, tenth grade biology, and your degree. That last one holds value – but, isn’t it still a piece of paper? Now, the big bang theory? Portions of evolution? Could God – the divine creator of the world – not be capable of such unexplainable genius and complexity? Many people have this idea that because we cannot physically see god or hear him or touch him that: he isn’t real. Well, at one point, we thought the world was flat because we limited what we believed to what we saw. Further… even though we cannot see god, there was and is: JESUS.

Jesus was physically seen and heard and touched. Jesus lived this horrid human condition and came out on top. He still lives. And that’s why we have hope. A future. A security. A comforter. A renewal. A healer. A purpose. A reason to live. A reason to thrive and not just survive. There is more. In the darkest hours, remember there is more. There are infinities of opportunity. There are songs to sing; prayers to pray; lyrics to write; tears to cry; books to read; poems to recite; sketches to draw; shows to watch; pictures to take; blogs to write; conversations to hold; coffee to drink; hugs to heal; food to eat; drives to take; and most of all, there are stories to tell.

You may be a little mad sometimes. Or maybe even tremendously mad most times. But, you are also beautiful and brilliant. Don’t deny that you are a multi-faceted being. You are more. We are more. There is more. Beyond ourselves is freedom from the finite. We are not prisoners to our sicknesses or struggles. Here’s to hope. Here’s to the the little victories of making it to tomorrow when you never thought you’d make it through today. Here’s to the hopeful. Let’s be infinite.


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